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Episode 4 Sneak Preview • Jonah's Music Video

This week at Queer AF* we had the privilege of filming with the star of Episode 4, Jonah, a remarkable Queer teenage Mexican/American artist. This was Jonah's very first professional music video and he chose to cover a song called "The Village"- a coming out anthem for trans youth originally recorded by Wrabel. We were graciously welcomed to film in my favorite building in Portland- the Bodecker Foundation.

Jonah was a bit nervous when he first arrived at but when he emerged from the dressing room and saw his very own music video set, built and designed just for him, he turned on the fervor and delivered an astoundingly emotional performance. The final track will include a bevy of instruments but you can take a listen to his acoustic demo of The Village right here:

Your continued support of Queer AF* is keeping the cameras rolling and these incredible experiences happening. We have 3 episodes left to edit and a few more days of filming to complete the series in June. You can update your monthly support or add a one-time contribution 

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